Oct 272010

The jqDock plugin for jQuery has been updated to version 1.6! Full Change Log.

In brief, there is one minor bugfix, and a couple of enhancements :

  • An item in the Dock can be designated as initially ‘active’, and there is also the ability to ‘remotely’ expand any item
  • A Dock can now be destroyed, ie. removed from the element to which it was originally applied
  • A Dock can be ‘frozen’ at whatever state of expansion it was at at the time
  • The setup of labels has been altered slightly, to enable more extensive use of the label (for example, as sub-menus)

I have also re-vamped the documentation and added several more examples. The main difference is the landing/demo page, which used to have 7 instances of jqDock but now only has one. However, due to the new ability to be able to destroy a Dock, there is now a Demonstrator panel which provides full control of that one Dock. All the jqDock options can be applied, as can some of the advanced functionality. There are even a couple of extra options, purely for demonstration purposes. (I think it’s pretty neat, but then I would!)

26.9 KiB
jqDock v1.6
jqDock v1.6
Version: 1.6
Transform a set of images into a Mac-like Dock menu, horizontal or vertical, with image expansion on rollover

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