Mar 192012

Full Change Log.

This is a fairly major release in that it jumps a whole load of jQuery versions and is now only compatible with jQuery v1.7+! I’m very sorry if this prevents anybody from upgrading from jqDock v1.9 but I felt that I had to take to the plunge sooner or later, and I chose sooner.

I’ve changed the version numbering to the more standard Major.Minor.Patch format, so that when/if the jQuery plugins site gets going again I will be able to meet their requirements for inclusion.

There are no bug fixes in this release, just some additional options that have arisen from enquiries and comments I have received, and also from my own experience. One thing I have incorporated is the ability to run jqDock on lists, although it’s fairly rudimentary and could have been done by anybody with a decent knowledge of jQuery : it simply creates a new, jqDock-compatible structure from the list and uses that instead of the list. Please check the documentation!

There are new options of noAntiFlutter (boolean, Off by default), sizeMax (integer, Off by default), and capSizing (boolean, Off by default), all of which have been added at users’ requests, and they ave been added to the Options documentation.

I have also xtended the use of HTML5 data attributes to include individual name-spaced option settings, added an extra transitory class on the item wrappers for when items are in a state of expansion, and specified a class of jqDockAuto as being ‘run jqDock on this element’.

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jqDock v2.0.0
jqDock v2.0.0
Version: 2.0.0
Transform a set of images into a Mac-like Dock menu, horizontal or vertical, with image expansion on rollover. Requires jQuery v1.7+!

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