Jan 162013
  • fixed for jQuery v1.9, which no longer supports $.browser : I used $.browser to set the image loader to native javascript for browsers other than Safari and Opera, but for jQuery v1.9+ it will now use the jQuery loader by default for all browsers. This can still be overridden from the options
  • added a permanentLabels switch option (off by default) which keeps the labels (if enabled) on permanent display

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  1. Hi, using your plugin v2.0.2 with jQuery 1.9.1 + jQuery Migrate and still getting “jQuery.browser id deprecated”. Do we need to include something other that jQuery 1.9.1 to not get the errors? Meaning something about “use the jQuery loader” am I missing whatever that is? Thanks!

    • If I change line 50 from this;
      “useJqLoader: !f.browser || f.browser.opera || f.browser.safari”
      to this;
      “useJqLoader: true”
      No warnings and still seems to function.

    • The Migrate plugin has been created for a specific purpose : to aid the migration of jQuery code that has a reliance upon features that have disappeared from jQuery v1.9. jqDock (v2.0.2) does not require the use of the Migrate plugin; it will work perfectly without it, as evidenced by every one of my examples. If you require the Migrate plugin for other plugins, or for your own code to work, then that is a different matter. But you have no need to remove any code from jqDock unless you really feel the need to.

      The jQuery.browser test has been left in on purpose because there are still people using lower versions of jQuery, and old browser versions, for whom the test still has relevance and impact (and there is no appropriate feature detection replacement). If you want to get rid of the warning wrt jqDock, simply cease to use the Migrate plugin. (Just be sure that any other code that you use is also fit for v1.9 first!)

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