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Issues - Wizzud.Com



Tested Browsers

I have tested the Demonstrator and examples in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (6 and later)
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chrome

If anyone can confirm that jqDock works – or doesn’t! – in other browsers (and/or operating systems), please let me know.

Known Issues

  1. You can space menu items out by applying padding to the images, but the padded area is not expanded in the minor axis. This means that when your cursor is off the main axis area there is a gap between adjacent expanded images that will trigger a ‘mouseleave’ event and cause the dock to return to ‘at rest’.

  2. ‘Scrunched up’ vertical menu when an absolutely left-positioned menu is shown, clicked-on to hide, then shown again (within the same page).

    Scenario : You have a vertical menu with position:absolute; and left:Npx; (or simply left:0;). On that menu you have an image-wthin-anchor menu item that, when clicked, hides this menu by setting it to display:none;. At some point, the menu is brought back into view by setting it to display:block;, but the menu comes back with all the menu items apparently occupying the same space, and they only get ‘re-distributed’ when you move the cursor over the menu!

    I can reliably reproduce this in IE7 (on Windows7); the other major bowsers, and later versions of IE, do not appear to be affected, but that doesn’t preclude it happening in other browsers and other operating systems. It seems to only affect absolutely-positioned menus where the left value is a set number of units (zero included), ie. left:0;, left:20px;, left:1em;, etc. It does not affect percentages, ie. left:100%; has no problem. I have been unable to determine why it is happening, and am therefore unable to provide a solution.

    Work-around : Instead of hiding unwanted menus by setting them to display:none;, just move them out of the viewport by setting, for example, left;-2000px; top:-2000px;, as the Multiple menus for hierarchical option selection example does.

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  1. hi there, i have implemented jdock on one of our german shops (running shopware). it seems to have issues in chrome, stating:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘childNodes’ of undefined jquery.jqdock.min.js:8
    Q jquery.jqdock.min.js:8
    initDock jquery.jqdock.min.js:17
    (anonymous function)

    it works fine in firefox, but chrome doesn’t display it. you can find the page at http://www.birkenhof-shop.de. if you open the page in chrome – the huge white space is where the dock should go (just compare to firefox to see it running properly).

    i would appreciate any help on this topic 😀

    • Hmmm … I’ve just fired up Chrome (20.0.1132.57, reported as up to date, on Windows 7), pasted in your URL, and everything seems fine. I can see 13 bottles, all reacting as expected when I roll over them. I refreshed the page to check that a reload works: again, no problem. I also navigated away and back again (using both the Back button and links): still no problem. Basically, I can’t reproduce this, so I’m a bit stuck as to how to help you…

  2. Hi, it doesn’t workes for me, nd I don’t know what is the problem because all codes are copyed
    from examples from this website, please help me t ofind what is the problem. Heres my page:
    pastebin link(because this forum formats it).
    Please help me! Thanks.

    • If your code in PasteBin is accurate then you are not loading jQuery. Check the src attribute of your first SCRIPT element.

  3. IE9 appears to be blocking the plugin from running… any work-around? Thanks.

  4. Its working fine on all browsers with default images but if i change image its working in all browsers except ie. I am using win 7 64bit & my default ie version 9. I try to change ie mode to ie 8 n ie 7 but nope its not working & if i put default image back its working again in ie.

    I changed 1st download image to home.png with same size 140 x 140. Any Solution ?

    • No, I’m afraid I don’t have a “solution” as such. If you have a web-accessible example page I may be able to help? Otherwise, I would just be guessing.
      Obviously you’re experimenting with one of my examples – and I can narrow it down to 1 of 5 possibilities – but since you don’t mention which one, that doesn’t really help me. You say that the example is working perfectly well in IE if you don’t change it, and perfectly well in all other browsers when you do change it, so it would seem logical that the problem lies specifically with IE and with your replacement image. But without seeing it in action I can’t think of anything more helpful to say. If you would like to send me your replacement image – and tell me which of examples you are trying to slot it into – I will try it for myself?

  5. Done.. Email sent to ur address with image & example url.. Thanks.

    • I’ve put up an alternative example – http://www.wizzud.com/jqdock_examples_folder/example.php?f=switch_current2 – which merely has the downloads.png replaced with your home.png. (Note that the “Disable” functionality of this will not work properly for the home image because there is no alternative home.jpg for it to display)

      I use IE10 which, even when knocked down to IE9/8/7, still shows the home image. However, IE10 in knockdown mode is not quite the same as using IE9 “proper” so that’s not really an accurate representation of what you are seeing in your IE9. One thing I did notice is that whereas my PNG images are all 8bit, yours is not. According to any documentation I can find, that shouldn’t make any difference. However, that is the only difference I can see, so I thought it might be worth trying saving it as an 8bit PNG instead – http://www.wizzud.com/jqdock_examples_folder/example.php?f=switch_current3 has home-8bit.png, which is simply your home.png image saved as 8bit (with alpha transparency).

      I’d be interested to hear whether either of these 2 tweaked examples work for you in your IE?

  6. Am trying to have a tooltip for the images in the dock, but the ‘title’ parameter of the img in html is being ignored when displayed in browser. Can you please help on this.

    even in this example i can see that, http://www.wizzud.com/2012/03/13/3d-base-for-a-menu/

    • From Usage page :

      By default the ‘labels’ option is off, and jqDock will remove any values for ‘title’ and ‘alt’ attributes (after examination), in an attempt to prevent the browser displaying a tooltip when hovering over an image (causes ‘fluttering’ in some browsers if the cursor is allowed to move over the tooltip).

      Please look at the “labels” option (on the Options page).

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