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For jqDock support I had initially thought to use a forum, and I installed Mingle Forum for that reason. However, it appears that most people prefer use the page or post Comments to ask questions – I’ve only had the one forum post so far … and that was repeated as a Comment question! I have therefore decided to scrap the forum.

So, if you have any problems with jqDock, either send me a Contact request, or add a Comment (where allowed, obviously) to the relevant Page or Post. I would also ask that you take a look through the documentation, the FAQs, and even the examples, before asking me? I spent a lot of time and effort putting them together and trying to make them as comprehensive and legible as possible.

If your problem is with a specific implementation of jqDock, very often the fastest and simplest way to get a resolution is by providing a web-accessible page that demonstrates the problem. It can save a huge amount of time, and can also avoid a lot of confusion.

Lastly, I’m open to other development, or assistance requests, particularly in the jQuery area. By all means, send me a Contact request … but please bear in mind that sometimes I can’t afford to be overly generous with my time (I still have to make a living!).

Regards …

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  1. would you please tell me how to get the index of selected image or check which image we have selected in jqdock

    • I’m not entirely sure how to answer this, because jqDock doesn’t really have the concept of a “selected” item/image … unless you provide it yourself. Basically, all jqDock does is animate the Dock items in response to where the cursor is. If the manipulator of the cursor (the User) decides to click (select?) one of the items then whatever happens as a result of that click is down to you. If the Dock’s items are anchors containing images, then obviously the anchor will be activated and the associated href followed. If the items are just images then you will probably need to bind a click handler to the images in order to do something when they are “selected”.
      The majority of my Examples have a default click handler (merely to give feedback that an item was clicked). A couple of them – Change source of images within links and Active item, click to toggle – use different click handlers, that toggle classes or states depending on what was clicked.
      If you could provide a bit more information about exactly what you are trying to do, then I might be able to be a bit more specific?

  2. Hi,

    Can you tell me how to show specific category of posts?

    • Hi Martin.
      If you askng about WordPress in general then I suggest you consult the WordPress documentation, or investigate the WordPress extensions to find something that does what you want.
      If you are asking about the jqDock Post Thumbs plugin for WordPress, then I would suggest that you contact Shaun Scovil, the author of that plugin.

  3. Is it possible to add elements inside of a dock div which don’t get ‘jqDocked’, everytime I try jqDock doesn’t load

    • Sorry Nathan, No.
      jqDock’s requirements are that the container contains only images, images-within-anchors. If it encounters any other elements, it will not initialise.
      Is there something that this prevents you from doing that I might be able to help with?

  4. Great tool! Thanks! Here’s my issue: jqDock works great in a page when viewed with IE9. When viewed with IE8 (actually 9 in compat. mode for 8) the container div ends up with this class: “jqDocked”. I’m at a loss although I’m sure it is something stupid that I’m doing. The only browser specific code in the page is this:

    background-color: #303030;
    padding-top: 0px;
    padding-left: 10px;
    padding-right: 10px;
    padding-bottom: 3px;
    border: solid 1px #ffffff;

    And when removed that doesn’t resolve the issue.

    Is there a way to learn why jqDock isn’t initializing? (Again I’m sure its my stupidity!)

    • I wasn’t particularly clear about the actual problem. The dock isn’t visible at all. I assume that the “jqDocked” class is the “failed init” state since that isn’t what happens in FF, or IE9, or… wherein it works fine.

      I don’t get a div created with ‘class=”jqDockWrap”‘ or any of the other various jqDock created layers in the containership hierarchy.

      Sorry for the ambiguity.

      • Hi Michael.
        First check : With exactly the same browser settings, do my examples work okay?
        If they do, then do you have a web-accessible page that exhibits the problem, so that I can take a look?

        • wizzud, thanks for the prompt response!

          All of the examples that I’ve viewed work fine. The really odd thing is now that I’ve deployed it to the web, it works fine there but it couldn’t be made to work locally – very odd!

          Here’s the url: http://perfectquizout.com/pageRandomizer.aspx

          I’m really stumped as to why it would not work locally (developing under .Net)

          I’m bothered by the lack of transparent BG in the jqDock images, but I think that is an IE thing.

          Thanks again for a great tool!

          • Again, I wasn’t very clear. The “transparent BG ” comment refers to IE9 in compat mode for IE8 (& 7)

  5. I’m finding that jqDock is getting triggered unintentionally by users (while they’re in the process of moving their mouse) so I’d like to increase the sensitivity on the opener for waking up a hidden jqDock.

    I usually do this with either the jQuery ‘hoverIntent’ event or the ‘hoverIntent’ plugin (http://cherne.net/brian/resources/jquery.hoverIntent.html), but replacing ‘hover’ (3 instances) with ‘hoverIntent’ in the jqDock function isn’t calling either method (the hoverIntent event or plugin).

    Would you be able to help figure out how to incorporate hoverIntent (or something similar) into the jqDock function? I’m using jqdock v2.0.1, jquery-1.8.2 and jquery-ui-1.9.1.

    • Hi Chaya.
      I’m slightly confused here, because…

        there’s no ‘hoverIntent’ event in jQuery, and
        there are no instances of ‘hover’ within the jqDock (v2.0.1) code.

      Also I’m not quite clear on what exactly you are trying to apply hoverIntent to? You state that you have an “opener for waking up a hidden jqDock”, which (to me) implies that the Dock is not visible, and that there is some other element that you are using as a trigger to bring the Dock into view and wake it up. If that’s the case then the hoverIntent is on the trigger element, and implementation should as straightforward as outlined in the hoverIntent plugin’s documentation. jqDock has no need to be changed because the “intention” is on the trigger, not the Dock. If this is not the case, then I probably need to see an example of what you really mean, and maybe you’d like to email me?

      • You’re absolutely right – the Dock isn’t visible and another element triggers bringing the Dock into view and waking it up 🙂

        I’ll email you the code now and I would love your help making this awesome plugin even more awesome for my users 🙂

  6. amazing tool!Thanks!

    would you tell me how to create gap between each img.
    I change”margin” like example below this..
    however,div.jqDockWrap do not extend ,so cant make the bottom img animate.(overflow)

    onSleep:0,onWake:0,noBuffer:0,active:-1,bias:50,noAntiFlutter:0}, nextId:0,useJqLoader:g.browser.opera||g.browser.safari,init:function(a){var b=g(a),c=x(b),d=c.Opts,e=r[d.vh],f=r[e.inv],t=c.Border,h=d.fadeLayer,l=d.labels,i=c.ElCt, k=g(“”).css({position:”relative”,padding:0}),o=k.clone().css({margin:10,border:”0 none”,backgroundColor:”transparent”}),s=0,q=0,n,u,j,p;X(a);for(b.children().each(function(a,b){var e=c.Elem[a].Wrap=g(b).wrap(o.clone().append(o.clone())).parent();”h”===d.vh&&e.parent().css(“float”,

  7. Hi !
    First, thanks for this beautiful plug-in (and excuse me for my english, i’m french ^^)

    I’ve got a little problem trying to implement jqDock. I created one from 3 php arrays containing the paths of my images, the titles of each one and javascript parameters to redirect the user. That creates a menu with different elements depending on the status of the visitor. Doing this, everything’s ok except the expand effect… And I cannot find out what is the cause of this.
    I tried to remove css from UL or IMG elements but that didn’t change anything.

    Here is a part of my code :

    HTML : (created from php)

    JS :

    CSS :

    Everything comes from examples found on your website. Looking at the generated HTML, I can see that the “jqDockExpand” class is not added to the element on hover.

    For the moment, I have no example on my webSite, but I can add it in a few days if necessary.

    Thanks in advance for your help !

    • Hi.
      I’m very sorry but the filters on the Comments system don’t allow much HTML through, so I don’t know what your generated HTML looks like. If you would like to email it to me instead, please do so. Alternatively, if you could spare the time to implement a web-accessible page that I can look at online, then that would be by far the easiest way for me to help you?

      • Thank your for replying quickly !
        Actually, the website concerned by this feature will be ready at the end of the day I think. If not, I will try to create a single page where you can see that. I sent just a few minutes ago my HTML by email.
        Thanks again !!

      • Hey,
        Here is a test page on the website.
        Don’t worry about encoding errors : http://www.musiccompagny.fr/exampleDock.php

        Thanks in advance !

        • Ah, now I see what’s happening. It’s probably something that I haven’t made very clear – and I apologise for that – but your problem is with the size of your images : your images are naturally 48px square, and that is not larger than the default size option. One thing jqDock will not do is enlarge an image beyond its natural size. The dock works by restricting an image down to a smaller size when “at rest” and then allowing it expand back up to its natural size (or capped by the sizeMax option) when the dock is hovered on. So in your case, the dock sets the images to 48px for “at rest” display; then on mouseover the dock allows them to expand to their natural size of 48px … so no change!

          You can see this for yourself : if you run your page in Firefox (with Firebug installed) and run

          in the Console tab, it will rebuild the dock with size=24, and a hover will then expand the images back out to 48px. Obviously this is not want you want to happen, so the solution is to use bigger images : they should be the size that you want them to be when fully expanded.

          I’m sorry this has caused you such problems, and I will go through the documentation again and see if I can make it clearer.

          • Ok, that’s clear now 🙂
            In fact, I didn’t understand this in that way reading the doc. Now I’ve got everything to have a nice dock !
            Thanks a lot for your help !!

  8. Hi,

    First, thanks for this great job.

    I have an issue using jqDock.
    I am trying to use the dock vertically on the left side of my page : works like a charm.

    But some of the labels I need to use are long (up to 32 chars).
    So the labels are truncated (to the width of its expanded image).

    Is there a way to let the label expand (to the right, out of the image) to have complete texte displayed ?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Yes.
      If you take a look at this example (ignore the bias setting) and note that the labels are set to ‘br’. If you look at the CSS you’ll see that I have provided some styling for div.jqDockLabelText which positions it absolutely : in this case it merely sets it 6px in from the right, which has the effect of right-aligning the labels while keeping the text within the bounds of the image.
      If you were to set your labels to ‘bl’ (or ‘tl’?), and you styled div.jqDockLabelText to be absolutely positioned – with suitable left:Xpx; and bottom:Ypx; values (maybe also with white-space:nowrap;?) – the longer labels should be visible beyond the confines of their container.

      • Hi wizzud,

        I first start using the same example you gave me, but I was unable to get long labels displayed.

        But, with you explanations, it works very well.

        Thanks for your help and thanks for this nice component.

        Have a good day.


  9. What a fantastic feature and job well done on presenting the solution in so many ways. I too am hoping to be able to use this feature.

    Is it possible to utlize fisheye by simply using text? In other words, doing something like a simple A-Z index, where user mouse-over a letter and those letters expand rather than an image (no sense in creating so many images simply for letters).

    I am hoping also, that the letters would highlight, or their container box might change color when moused over and on active-state as well. This would be a great feature if it can be done.

    I’m quite stuck though now. I have tried to get this solution to work for 3 weeks now and every one has failed. Even trying just the basic fisheye with images and no options, and it still does not work. Either the whole thing changes the template of my page (we’re not allowed to change it), or the dock will not work as soon as the page is scrolled, or the dock simply doesn’t show up at all. Apologies I have no example to show you, as the page I’m wanting to do this on is an internal page.

    Well I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide, and thank you!

    • Yes, I think it should be possible, though you would need 1 image – a transparent gif/png – that you use for every menu item, then use the label for your text letter and position/style it appropriately. If I get the chance I’ll see if I can knock up an example.

  10. Hi,

    I really like what you’ve done here. It looks great.

    I just wondered if you are planning on making this responsive?

    I know that it would be possible to have it auto switch to vertical from a media-query etc but wondered about building something like that in as an option (responsiveness on/off).

    Is that in the pipeline or is this no longer supported now and you’ve moved on to bigger and better things?

    Thanks again for all your hard work


    John 🙂

    • Hi John

      jqdock is still supported. I have looked into responsiveness before, and to be honest I didn’t get very far with it – not through lack of effort, but because of the nature of the dock. There’s still one big question in my mind regarding responsiveness : Is jqdock actually suitable for any non-mouse environment? The whole point of the dock is that it gives visual feedback to mouseover events, and, with responsiveness being aimed at better utilisation of smaller screen sizes on (typically) touch-enabled devices, I have difficulty imagining a scenario where jqdock would be preferable over a CSS3 solution. However, since I’m not currently on anything bigger or better (unfortunately!), I will definitely revisit it and see if it’s at all feasible.

  11. I downloaded the files… created an images folder with teh images in it, copied the HTML from one of your samples… deleted the line with “sample ” in it… can’t get it to work.

    Any idea on what I did wrong?

  12. Sorry: http://www.dealeross.com/ is the website

  13. So I changed the call for jquery.jqdock.min to jquery.jqdock and it seems to work, not sure why or how but it seems to be working now.

  14. Hi. I have a question about the dropbown menu in dock.
    This doesnt work.
    How I make the menu visible right form the start?

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