Apr 122012

Oops! I’ve just noticed a wee bug in v2.0.0 of jqDock, regarding the new noAntiFlutter option.

jqDock has had some anti-flutter code in it for a while, and I was asked to provide a means for disabling that code … which is why the noAntiFlutter option was introduced in v2.0.0. The intention was to keep the default options all working as before, ie. leaving noAntiFlutter turned Off (the default) would still run the anti-flutter code; and only by specifically turning noAntiFlutter On would the anti-flutter code be by-passed.

Unfortunately, I have somehow got the option back-to-front. Sorry! This means that in order to run jqDock v2.0.0 with the same anti-flutter code as previous versions had by default, you actually need to turn noAntiFlutter On!

The simplest way to do this is to modify the jqdock defaults immediately after the script has been loaded, which avoids having to change any individual Dock options you may have set up, eg:

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and I’ll fix it in the next version asap.


If you want to do it in a way that doesn’t require the inserted code to be removed if/when you upgrade to the next jqDock release, you can expand on the code above by testing for the version…

Mar 192012

Full Change Log.

This is a fairly major release in that it jumps a whole load of jQuery versions and is now only compatible with jQuery v1.7+! I’m very sorry if this prevents anybody from upgrading from jqDock v1.9 but I felt that I had to take to the plunge sooner or later, and I chose sooner.

I’ve changed the version numbering to the more standard Major.Minor.Patch format, so that when/if the jQuery plugins site gets going again I will be able to meet their requirements for inclusion.

There are no bug fixes in this release, just some additional options that have arisen from enquiries and comments I have received, and also from my own experience. One thing I have incorporated is the ability to run jqDock on lists, although it’s fairly rudimentary and could have been done by anybody with a decent knowledge of jQuery : it simply creates a new, jqDock-compatible structure from the list and uses that instead of the list. Please check the documentation! Continue reading »

Feb 282011

The jqDock plugin for jQuery has been updated to version 1.8! Full Change log.

In brief, there is one final attempt at a bugfix, and a minor code adjustment :

  • The click handler attached to labels has caused some problems for a while now: version 1.5 tried to fix it with a return false; statement, which v1.7 then had to back out. I’ve now come to my senses, and this version fixes it for good!
  • Having been asked if labels could be kept permanently on display – to which the anser was Yes, but only for images within anchors – I have now tweaked a small bit of code so that labels can also be made permanent for menus consisting of just images.

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Feb 202011

The jqDock plugin for jQuery has been updated to version 1.7! Full Change Log.

In brief, there is one bugfix, and one additional option :

  • The click handler attached to labels was returning false, which meant that, for instances where images were being wrapped in anchors, any clicks on labels were not being notified to the parent anchor; this has been rectified (and my apologies for such a rookie mistake!)
  • An alignment of ‘middle’ or ‘center’ can now have a biased expansion instead of being 50/50 from the mid-point

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Oct 272010

The jqDock plugin for jQuery has been updated to version 1.6! Full Change Log.

In brief, there is one minor bugfix, and a couple of enhancements :

  • An item in the Dock can be designated as initially ‘active’, and there is also the ability to ‘remotely’ expand any item
  • A Dock can now be destroyed, ie. removed from the element to which it was originally applied
  • A Dock can be ‘frozen’ at whatever state of expansion it was at at the time
  • The setup of labels has been altered slightly, to enable more extensive use of the label (for example, as sub-menus)

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Aug 172010

The jqDock plugin for jQuery has been updated (version 1.5). Full Change Log.

This update fixes 1 minor bug, but adds a load of hooks and custom events that will enable more interaction with the plugin. It’s in response to requests for being able to determine when the dock has been initialised, and also to be able to ‘hide’ the dock if not in use.

Apologies (25th August 2010) : It would appear that during this most recent upgrade I ‘broke’ a number of the examples (8 to be precise) by loading a non-existent script. I have now fixed this mistake (and re-checked all the examples!) and I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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